Full Service

Use 5 Circles Research full-service capabilities for research projects when you need an expert to take responsibility for the entire project.

Examples of Research Projects

  • Satisfaction and pricing for handheld computer service. This project used an online survey and in-depth interviews to measure satisfaction among different types of users, and to assess the viability of converting the free service to a paid service. The research contributed to the client company being successfully acquired.
  • Assess awareness and usage of services and programs for substance abuse prevention and workforce development. This study was commissioned by a state-funded non-profit organization to support continuing improvements.
  • New product research for online service. This was conducted for a large hardware manufacturer who wished to assess the likely success of a service providing information to their developers. An online survey was used to measure importance and performance of features; pricing and subscription models were also tested.
  • Buying process for consumer electronic product. We assessed the role of brand and information sources (including pre-shopping research versus in-store assistance) in the purchase decision so that the client could refine direct and channel communication.

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